In the last 3 years, Viet Nam has showed the significant growth in tourism industry and Viet Nam has been named among world's top fastest growing travel destinations by the UNWTO. However, the sustainable has not been guaranteed because the tourism development did not combine with the effective exploitation of tourism resources. Environment protection and respond to climate change have not paid much attention in tourism activities. main topics in VITM 2019.

For sustainable growth, Viet Nam tourism which is pioneered by tourism companies needs to develop Green Tourism, including: exploiting reasonably and efficiently to contribute to the preservation of natural and humanistic tourism resources, well performing the work of environmental protection, restraining the increase of pollution at tourist sites, actively participate in activities to mitigate the impact of climate change and so on.

In order to achieve the global sustainable development goal 2030, “Green Tourism” has been chosen to be the main topic of VITM 2019. VITM 2019 will set up an exclusive exhibiting area in parallel with a number of workshops and events relating to “Green Development” to ensure the sustainable development of Viet Nam Tourism.