Rules & Regulations for booth construction

1.         Regulations for Shell Scheme Construction

1.1.     No additional decoration or free-standing fitment may exceed the height of 2.50 meters from the floor or extend beyond space rented as specified in contract. This includes company names, towers, balloons and logos provided by Exhibitor.


1.2.     No additional booth-fitting or display may be attached to the Shell Scheme structure. Neither nailing nor drilling will be allowed on the shell scheme structure or on any structure of the exhibition hall building. If certain accessories including stickers and hanging need to be affixed, please consult the Official Stand Contractor.

1.3.     No painting or wall-papering including stickers on the Shell Scheme panels will be allowed. Exhibitors who wish to have the panels painted must inform the Official Stand Contractor for quotation.

1.4.     Any change in color or type of fascia and floor covering must be carried out by the Official Stand Contractor, after discussion with the Organizer. Changes will be at Exhibitor’s cost.

1.5.    An Exhibitor occupying a corner booth will have an additional open side with a fascia, complete with name and booth number, at no additional cost.

1.6.     Logos may be attached onto the fascia, but MUST NOT bigger than 30 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm (thick), MUST NOT cover the booth number and VITM’s logo. The cost of reproduction is borne by the Exhibitor.

1.7.     No suspension from the ceiling of the Exhibition Hall should be made, nor should any article be fixed to the floors, walls or any part of the building.

1.8      All light fittings and socket points must be ordered from the Official Electrical Contractor.

1.9.     No financial credit will be given by the Organizer for any shell scheme package item not utilized.


1. REAR AND DIVIDING WALLS - 2.50 m. high, comprising of one-meter panels painted white and set in an aluminum frame

2. Needle-punch carpet

3. FASCIA BOARD - 30 cm. height and 3 m. length to the outside, on each open frontage, comprising an aluminum frame. Fascia will carry the exhibitor's name in English only.

4. Electrical fitting and furniture

Booth’s scale



Waste Paper




9 sqm / m2






18 sqm / m2






27 sqm / m2






36 sqm / m2






2. Regular for Space Only Stand Construction

2.1.     Exhibitors renting space only may construct their stand using their own stand contractors. Exhibitors are required to submit Order Form 1 and 1A to the Organizer for such contractors’ details. No stand contracting firm other than the Official Stand Contractor and those contractors appointed in Order Form 1 and 1A will be allowed to work on site.

Kindly be informed to submit Organizer with the following requirement along with Order Form 1 and 1A

The approved stand contractor must submit booth perspective with the following details:

** 1) Booth dimension (W x L x H)

** 2) Total side open: 1, 2, 3 or 4-side open

** 3) Flooring: carpet or wooden flooring

2.2.     Exhibitors MUST NOT use stand design similar to that of standard shell scheme structure; both Octanorm and Maxima system.

2.3.     Exhibitors should construct their stand with the name of their company and booth number clearly

visible. If they are not present at the time the exhibition commences, the Organizer reserves the rights to install them in a manner deemed appropriate by the Organizer. All expenses incurred will be levied on to the exhibitor.

2.4.     Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused by their appointed contractors and should also supervise construction workers to comply with all Rules and Regulations.

2.5.     The floor within a booth should be covered with carpet or other appropriate furnishing.

2.6.     Electrical installation for “Space Only” stands can either be carried out by the Official Electrical

Contractor or done by your own contractor with inspection and approval by the Official Electrical Contractor.

2.7.     Exhibitors are prohibited both from installing their own lighting and from sourcing electricity designated for other machinery to use for lighting purposes.

2.8.     Exhibitors are not permitted to air brush, scrub nor weld metal within the exhibition hall. Please refrain from sawing wood and other actions which cause dust or disturbance to others. Severe restrictions and penalties will be imposed on anyone who infringes this regulation.

2.9.     Any exhibit or stand construction after complete assembling should not exceed 4.50 meters. Back side of all walls must be neatly finished. The Organizer reserves the rights to request an exhibitor to change, modify, lower or shorten any back wall, if such, in the opinion of the Organizer, may obstruct the reasonable view or exposure of other exhibitors’ stands.

2.10.   Where a “Raw Space” booth is adjacent to another booth, the “Space Only” Exhibitor cannot utilize the walls of the adjacent booth. All exhibitors must construct their own back wall. The height of the back wall is limited to 4.50 meters. If the height of “Raw Space” booth walls exceed the height of adjacent booths’ walls, the Exhibitor with the higher wall must neatly finish the rear surfaces of each wall with opaque white materials such as white wood or other materials of higher quality. No logos or graphics are allowed on the rear surface.


Example of booth wall that exceeds the height of adjacent booth wall

2.11.   Hanging Structure Regulations

            Any extension such as a balloon, trust structure and any overhead structure are not permitted. If exhibitors would like to broadcast your stand locations to visitors with any balloon, trust structure and overhead structure including double sided rigged banners hung directly above your stand. To order all hang structure above your stand, please contact your local sales person.

2.12.   Logo or text at the back side

Exhibitor cannot display his name board, logo or signs over the sides of another adjacent exhibitor’s back wall or side wall other than on his own sides.

Any structures to be used for logos and graphics like towers and signboards should be set in by least 3m from the common wall.



  • The tower must be built at least 3 meters away from the nearest partition.
  • Has a tower with logo which higher than back wall and face to another booth.
  • Can have graphic, logo or text both sides (Front and Back) of that tower.

2.13.   Submission of booth layout plan and design with clear dimensions, details of material and electrical connection to the Organizer for approval must be submitted by NO LATER THAN 1 Dec 2023, together with Order Form 1 and 1A by email for the attention of Mr. Phuc at The Organizer reserves the right to request amendments to design and on-site construction which differ from formerly approved plans. Possible alterations are to conform to the requirements of the Exhibition Hall, or to prevent accidents from occurring to visitors etc. Failure to obtain approval can result in costly alternations on-site being required by the Hall Owner and Organizer.

2.14.   If the case that your raw space is opened on three sides, and you need to build walls on the sides (in addition to the existing back wall), the side wall’s length cannot exceed 2/3 of the total length, the side wall’s maximum height is four meters.

  • You cannot utilize the wall of adjacent booth.
  • (Calculation guide: If total booth dimension is 6x3 sq.m, such side wall length cannot exceed two meters which is 2/3 of three meters.)


Example of the side-wall not exceeding 2/3 of the total length

2.15.   No fitting or display may be attached, nailed, screwed or drilled into other part of the building. If this instruction is ignored, the exhibitor/contractor concerned will be charged for the damage done.

2.16.   No flashing / blinking lights or neon-signs will be permitted.

2.17.   No suspensions are to be made from the ceiling of Exhibition Hall without registration.

2.18.   For island booths, please avoid building up a side wall or a back wall.

  • If necessary, you are allowed to build up only one wall which occupies up to 2/3 of the length of that side, and cannot utilize the wall of the adjacent booth.
  • (Calculation guide: If total booth dimension is 6x3 sq.m, such side wall’s length cannot exceed two meters which is 2/3 of three meters.)
  • Maximum height of the standard is 4 meters.

2.19.   Where “Space Only” booths abut Shell Scheme Package booth(s), the wall of the Shell Scheme booth may not be utilized by the “Space Only” exhibitor.

2.20.   The outer surface of “Space Only” booth construction must be surfaced and decorated if visible from the aisles.

2.21.   Construction work must give due allowance for electrical and telephone wiring to be done. Similarly, these wires, if laid, must not be removed, cut, or diverted without the permission of the Organizer.

2.22.   There is the responsibility of exhibitor’s appointed stand fitting contractor to clean and vacuum the booth upon completion of construction, before handing over to the exhibitor.

2.23.   Only when the Refundable Performance Bond is placed and the Administration Fee is paid, will the contractor be allowed to bring stores into the hall and commence work. (Please fill Order Form 1A)

2.24.   When entering and during the working hours at the Exhibition Hall, all workers and staff of appointed contractor must wear “Contractor Badge”.

2.25.   For overtime works, overtime move-in of exhibits or equipment, please contact organizer (or fill Order Form 1B).

2.26.   Contractors must take fully legal responsibility for insurance for all risks or damages in the exhibition hall, for the booths and other services during the working period.

2.27.   The staffs of Contractors are not permitted to smoke in or make dirty or damage to any parts of the exhibition halls.

2.28.   The staff of Contractors are not permitted to make noise or disorder or troubled in the exhibition halls.

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